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Towing is often an uncomfortable and challenging activity. Towing trailers or caravans with the incorrect vehicle setup can cause significant and premature vehicle wear and tear, driver fatigue, and at worst serious accidents.

Tow vehicle GVM upgrades

When deciding to tow, it is critical to give careful consideration to your expected load, terrain, ball weight and stopping power. Unless you're towing occasional light loads, vehicles direct from the factory often provide poor safety and overall driving experience while towing.

Here's an example:

Jim buys a Toyota Landcruiser with a factory GVM of 3350kg. The total weight of the accessories and a full tank of fuel: 755kg. = 145kg OVERWEIGHT, and that's not taking into account the ball weight of the van!

Not only is Jim uninsured at this weight, but his driving experience will also be horrible, he'll fatigue quickly due to the extra concentration required, and his stopping power will be seriously compromised as will his safety and the safety of those around him.

This is just an example of a popular tow vehicle however it applies to most vehicles used for towing throughout Australia. Although in Australia there are a limited number of vehicles that you can upgrade the GVM for, a customised suspension upgrade designed specifically for your Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Isuzu, GM, Jeep, Land Rover, and most other popular tow vehicles will benefit greatly.

We provide GVM upgrades from all the best known and trusted brands so get in touch with us now to arrange an assessment and quote.

Towing with your family

Making your tow vehicle safe and comfortable is probably the most critical thing you can do for yourself and your family.

With over 45 continuous years of experience, The Ultimate Suspension has the capability and know-how to help you build the right setup for your vehicle. Whether you tow once a year, or once a week, rest assured you'll be getting the best advice available to give you the confidence to tow safely and legally.

"The service is carried out in a professional manner, very well organised and proficient. The suspension upgrade I had done by Ultimate Suspension improved the vehicle handling make the vehicle safer and more comfortable in driving." - Peter Kercher

Your vehicle's maximum towing capacity and the capability of your trailer to carry loads. Just like not every vehicle is made the same, every trailer is not. We can help you decide on the best towing option for your needs to suit your budget and requirements.

Test, recommend, install, test again

It's a process we've mastered over 45 years and in our experience when it comes to providing the right setup for your tow vehicle it's the only process to follow. We've all heard the horror stories of the one brand shoe-horn solutions 4WD accessory shops provide.

All the marketing in the world won't change the driving dynamics of a vehicle.

What's required is a state-of-the-art suspension and brake testing machine to monitor how your vehicle performs when loaded. Only then can a custom upgrade be confidently recommended.

Over the years we've built and continue to maintain strong working relationships with all the major suspension manufacturers which means any solution we recommend is a true custom solution best suited to your exact requirement.

Brakes you won't recognise

Upgrading brakes are often overlooked, just like the inadequacies of most OEM suspension, so too are OEM brake systems. Poor braking is, even more, an issue when towing or carrying heavy loads.

A properly built suspension system will carry the weight of the vehicle and control the weight distribution of the vehicle. But what happens when your OEM brakes fade under heavy use and can't keep up with that the extra driving or weight that your vehicle is now carrying.

We use and recommend DBA Xtreme Performance (XP) pads which are a semi-metallic compound. They give you the confidence of a high initial bite and a frictional consistency from low to high temperatures (up to 550oC). DBA Xtreme Performance (XP) are recommended for heavy towing and upgraded 4WDs.

We also provide the option of our unique twin-braided stainless brakes lines, only available at the Ultimate Suspension. If you've never experienced a brake upgrade before then you're in for one hell of a good surprise.

If you do nothing else today get in touch with us now to arrange your brake upgrade.

Find out more about our in-house Aussie Ryder Shocks and pricing here.

If you are enquiring about GVM Upgrades, another brand or something different, contact us here.

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Design the Ultimate Suspension for your 4WD

With over 45 years of experience The Ultimate Suspension exports across the globe and is arguably the most trusted name in suspension and vehicle dynamics upgrades.

Tow with Ultimate Safety & Confidence

Experience the best in vehicle dynamics and safety while towing with a GVM and DBA brake upgrade package designed specifically to suit your exact requirements. Our service costs no more and is immeasurably better than our competition.

Ultimate GVM & Tow Capacity Upgrades

As a Lovells, Pedders, and JMACX/AEV Authorised Facility experience the best in vehicle dynamics and safety while towing with federally certified pre or post registration GVM or BTC upgrade solution.

Military & Export Suspension Systems

The Ultimate Suspension is the trusted name in the armoured vehicle industry, supplying the Australian Defence Force, local government agencies, international armoured vehicle manufacturers and UN peacekeeping forces.

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Jack F.
(2006 Nissan Pathfinder)
Fantastic, I'm totally blown away by Testimonial Generator. more
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(2006 Nissan Pathfinder)
Ultimate Suspension saved my business. This is simply unbelievable! Man, this thing is getting better and better as I learn more about it. more
Vivie X
(2006 Nissan Pathfinder)
Ultimate Suspension was worth a fortune to my company. I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours! Thanks Ultimate Suspension! more
Nona D
(2006 Nissan Pathfinder)
Definitely worth the investment. more
Michael & Joanne McCulkin
(Mitsubishi Canter All Terrain Warrior 4WD Coach)

Tri State Safaris operates 4WD tours Australia wide in our Mitsubishi Canter All Terrain Warrior 4WD coach. The vehicle is only 12 months old but has always been in need of a better ride. We ... more

Michael Hall
(2006 Nissan Pathfinder)
Being dissatisfied with the very rigid ride from the original suspension on my 2006 Nissan Pathfinder, and following discussions with yourselves, I decided to have the suspension changed to The Ultimate Suspension Gas Shock Absorber System. ... more
Charlie C

These guys are absolutely fantastic to go to. I am really glad that I found them. Ken and his team spent two hours with me when I first turned up for a quote, making ... more

Ali Raza H

I am from Pakistan. I have had four suspensions from ULTIMATE and love the ride on all four hiluxs.

Michael G

five stars, best improvement for my Triton. Got the lift and suspension upgrade 5 years ago and a rebuild this year. Car drives much better now.

Russell G

I am so happy with my Ultimate Suspension, I wouldn't buy anything else in the future. Quality products, great service, not one issue with my lift kit which has now done 150000 Kms, car still ... more

Rod C
(VW Amarok)

I had extensive suspension and other 4WD accessories supplied and fitted to an Amarok to accommodate a Trayon camper and outback travel. The advice provided was top class, the products supplied were excellent and ... more

Verity S
(Pajero Sport GVM)

Friendly, experienced and knowledgable staff. Did exactly what was needed, no hidden extras. Very happy and loved the enthusiasm of the staff who clearly take pride in the service they offer.


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