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Standard factory OEM brake systems are typically inadequate for vehicles with a GVM upgrade and/or in applications including towing or carrying extra weight.

A properly-built suspension system will carry the weight of the vehicle and control the weight distribution of the vehicle. Factory standard OEM brakes can and do fade under heavy use and under heavy loads. The Ultimate Suspension can test your brakes under load and recommend the best option for your particular application.

Here's what you can expect when you choose an Ultimate brake upgrade using DBA rotors and pads.

  • Full test of current brake setup under normal load
  • Full test of current brake setup under extreme/maximum load
  • Supply and fitting of brake and rotor upgrade package tailored to your requirements
  • Marked increase in braking performance and stopping power
I've owned three Landcruisers and I can't believe no one had recommended this upgrade until I met Ken at Ultimate Suspension. You HAVE to experience the difference the DBA rotor and pad upgrade makes to braking performance and overall driving comfort and safety. Hands down the best bang for buck upgrade you can do, believe it! - Richard

What's up with my factory setup?

The function of a vehicle’s braking system is to safely, and in a controlled manner, reduce the speed of the vehicle or to bring it to a complete stop. Braking system upgrades provide significant improvement in brake performance and stopping power.

Factory braking systems typically include brake pads that are manufactured using inexpensive organic materials which carry a low temperature threshold. When brake system components are subject to extreme temperatures, brakes can "fade" and stopping distances can substantially increase.

Why upgrade?

In consideration of how critically important brakes are for vehicle performance and particularly safety, a brake upgrade is one of the best investments you can make.

Superior quality brake pads function better and last longer.

Brake and rotor upgrades for towing and 4WD

Our background in off-road racing has given us first-hand experience of the importance of dependable braking. What you may not know is that the abuse and heat produced from the forces applied in the race are similar to that generated under braking when towing.

We use and recommend DBA Xtreme Performance (XP) pads which are a semi-metallic compound. They give you the confidence of a high initial bite and a frictional consistency from low to high temperatures (up to 550oC). DBA Xtreme Performance (XP) is recommended for heavy towing and upgraded 4WDs.

  • Changing your brake rotors to the DBA 4000 Series T3 Slotted when matched with DBA XP Pads gives you everyday usability and reliable performance consistency when your braking system gets hot.
  • The DBA 4000 Series T3 rotors are a direct replacement bolt-on with no modifications necessary.
  • They feature a CNC machined bi-directional slotted design with multiple exit points for brake pad dust and heat dissipation meaning that you'll get a consistent and effective stop first time, every time.
  • The slots increase the surface area of the rotor but also wipe the pad clean ensuring a critically clean contact surface of the pad with the rotor every time.
  • DBA 4000 Series T3X rotors also have a lifetime warranty against warping... Guaranteed!

In this case, a semi-metallic brake pad (like the DBA XP Pads) is the perfect companion for you. Their effectiveness over a wider range of temperatures, resistance to brake fade, and brake 'bite' makes them one of the best investments for your vehicle.

Brake upgrades for streetcars

The Ultimate Suspension use and recommend DBA Street Performance (SP) pads. These feature a robust and resilient semi-metallic compound which provides better braking and a greater operating temperature range than OEM pads.

Brakes are one of the most critical components of any vehicle. Brake upgrades for safety and performance are always a good investment.

Twin-braided brake hoses

Our Ultimate brake upgrade packages include our SAE Certified, ADR Approved, and proudly Australian Made Stainless Steel Extended Brake Hoses. Our hoses maintain the consistency of your brake pedal and, unlike rubber hoses, they are resistant to cracking, swelling, blocking, blistering, and fracturing.

See the following video "DBA Vs OEM braking".

Ultimate GVM Upgrades

We supply and fit a comprehensive range of State and Federally Approved GVM Upgrades to suit every vehicle and application. We'll assess your precise needs and recommend the most appropriate solution available.


Lovells GVM Upgrades

Ultimate shocks and Lovells springs. A relationship that spans over 40 years.


NET4X4 GVM Upgrades

Premium quality Volkswagen Amarok parts and accessories.


Ultimate Brake Upgrades

Braking performance and stopping ability is critical to vehicle safety. Brake upgrades provide for safe towing and operating with heavy loads.


Ultimate Transmission and Intercoolers

The Ultimate Suspension are distributors of HDi Intercoolers and Transmission coolers. HDi products are proven to provide increased engine performance and improved reliability.


Coil & Spring Design and Fabrication

Intelligent design, quality materials and precise manufacturing = The Ultimate winning formula.


Engineering and Testing

The Ultimate Suspension provide in-house Vehicle Certification, Engineering and Testing.


Aussie Ryder Shock Absorbers

New generation Aussie Ryder gas pressure twin-tube shock absorbers.


Torsion Bars

Constant Performance.


Specialised Lubricants

Australian made Lube Alloy premium lubricants


The Ultimate Service

  • Industry Leaders since 1975
  • A reputation built on superior knowledge and excellent service
  • Our world-class products are exported Globally
  • The Ultimate Suspension is a trusted name in the Armoured Vehicle Industry
  • Independent advice. We use and recommend products based on your needs
  • 24 Month or UNLIMITED km Nationwide warranty on Ultimate Shock Absorbers
  • We provide a LIFETIME Warranty on all springs
  • Highly Qualified ASE Certified Technicians
  • Driveline and Suspension Specialists
  • Good advice, product support and after sales service

Key Advantages

The Ultimate Suspension for your vehicle

The Ultimate Suspension, industry leaders with over 45 years of experience are Australia's most trusted name in suspension systems, GVM upgrades, braking upgrades and towing upgrades. Let us provide the ultimate solution for your vehicle. CONTACT US

Ultimate Towing Solutions

Experience superior vehicle handling dynamics and safety while towing with a GVM and DBA brake upgrade package designed specifically to suit your requirements. The Ultimate Suspension has the ultimate reputation for suspension and braking systems for all towing applications.

Ultimate GVM & Tow Capacity Upgrades

The Ultimate Suspension are a Lovells, Pedders, and JMACX/AEV Authorised Facility. Let us provide you the best in vehicle dynamics and safety while towing with federally certified pre or post registration GVM or BTC upgrade solutions.

Defence & Armoured Vehicles

The Ultimate Suspension are a trusted name in the Special Purpose Vehicles industry servicing and supplying the Australian Defence Force, Government Agencies, International Armoured Vehicle manufacturers and UN peacekeeping forces.

Extreme applications require the ultimate performance and dependability. The Ultimate Suspension excel in providing specialised systems for vehicles used in extreme operations.

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(2006 Nissan Pathfinder)

Fantastic, I'm totally blown away by my ULTIMATE SUSPENSION

(2006 Nissan Pathfinder)
Ultimate Suspension saved my business. This is simply unbelievable! Man, this thing is getting better and better as I learn more about it. more
(2006 Nissan Pathfinder)
Ultimate Suspension was worth a fortune to my company. I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours! Thanks Ultimate Suspension! more
(2006 Nissan Pathfinder)
Definitely worth the investment. more
Tri State Safaris
(Mitsubishi Canter All Terrain Warrior 4WD Coach)

Tri State Safaris operates 4WD tours Australia wide in our Mitsubishi Canter All Terrain Warrior 4WD coach. The vehicle is only 12 months old but has always been in need of a better ... more

Michael Hall
(2006 Nissan Pathfinder)
Being dissatisfied with the very rigid ride from the original suspension on my 2006 Nissan Pathfinder, and following discussions with yourselves, I decided to have the suspension changed to The Ultimate Suspension Gas Shock Absorber System. ... more

These guys are absolutely fantastic to go to. I am really glad that I found them. Ken O'Keefe and his team spent two hours with me when I first turned up for a quote, ... more

Ali Raza
(Toyota Hilux)

I have had four suspensions from ULTIMATE SUSPENSION and I love the ride on all four Toyota Hiluxs.


Five stars, best improvement for my Triton. Got the lift and suspension upgrade 5 years ago and a rebuild this year. Car drives much better now!


I am so happy with my Ultimate Suspension, I wouldn't buy anything else in the future. Quality products, great service, not one issue with my lift kit which has now done 150000 Kms, car still ... more

(VW Amarok)

I had extensive suspension and other 4WD accessories supplied and fitted to an Amarok to accommodate a Trayon camper and outback travel. The advice provided was top class, the products supplied were excellent and ... more

(Pajero Sport GVM)

Friendly, experienced and knowledgable staff. Did exactly what was needed, no hidden extras. Very happy and loved the enthusiasm of the staff who clearly take pride in the service they offer.


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